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Pick a Winner Edge Animate Project

In this sample Edge Animate project you can set a min and a max num from which the winning number will be chosen from. Once you hit start a loading animation will appear that will last for 5 seconds at which it will display the winning number.

The default min is 1 and the default max is 500. If you wish to change this use the gear icon before you press the start button. Once you hit the start button it will do a simple loading bar. The circle was turning out too complex for the amount of time I had to spend on it. I have it loading for 5 seconds then it shows the winner. You can then press the home button that will take you back to the start button and you can hit start again to pick another random number. You can also change the max and min and any time by pressing the gear button. Refreshing the browser will reload the interaction entirely and reset the min and max back to 1 and 500.

You can download just the Edge Animate project files if you wish to modify the interaction or just the published project.

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